Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sordid little details

I need to design a cover for Captain Millicent. Gak. Visual design is actually one of my areas of strength, but for this particular project I need a real graphic designer. I have a roster of photographers from my stint as a freelance model when I was younger, so I think I can organize a photo shoot to give me the basic images that I want, but I need someone to draw a life-like mechanized bee. Of course I don't have any money so I'll be trading favours or promising fame and glory when the book is published.

It looks like I'll be going to work at the local Sport Chek, which is less than fifteen minutes from home. I'll miss my comrades at the old store, but it was just over half an hour to drive there, and the price of gas is going to skyrocket this summer. Any savings of time and/or money is gratefully accepted.

So when the job is confirmed (meeting with the manager tomorrow), I'll feel pretty comfortable with moving forward on my plan to adopt my next retired racing greyhound. The rescue group where I found Charlie is called Greyhound Rescue Association of Canada ( ) and I plan to return there to find my next grey.

Charlie, 2011
I spent a little time in Port Dover yesterday, helping with construction at the cottage and then visiting my favourite shops in town. One thing about moving back from Whitehorse is that it's an excellent conversation piece and I can go on and on about it without the conversation flagging. I'm considering working at one of those stores in addition to the Sport Chek job, for a little extra cash and because it would be fun. Surf shops have a pretty sweet vibe.

It's time to get serious and edit, but I'm obviously procrastinating again. It's taking me a while to wind up in the mornings. I hope once I settle into a routine (You know what helps with routine? Having a dog. You see how my mind works.) I'll get better at working for myself again. I've done it before as an artisan, as a singer and as a model - but writing is different. It demands more from me. I feel compelled to drive to my favourite bookstore and buy a stack of inspiring books about writing and writers. Usually a few chapters is enough to motivate me to get on it.

And it's a beautiful day for a drive...gah. I'm my own worst enemy.

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