Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And the first round goes to...

My red pen! And the blue one! And sometimes orange, or a pencil. Whatever I can scrounge up.
First page, first round of edits
I've completed my first round of edits on Captain Millicent and the Black Pirate, which for me is the marking up of my hard copies. The next step, inputting the changes, is something I view with equal parts horror and delight. I love editing - but I'm afraid of being pulled into the Correction Vortex. You know - nip a little here, tuck a little there, suddenly the whole story relocates to another planet and the character who used to be a woman is now a dog...
I may exaggerate a little. I haven't yet completely rewritten anything, but the potential is there. I've been tossing and turning at night over the idea of moving my sky pirates from somewhere above Europe to somewhere above Canada. I think CanadaPunk is something that deserves exploration. At the very least, NorthPunk needs to be a thing. Furs and hides, inventions that won't freeze in the deathly cold. polar bears, mountains...I'm still thinking about it. But I'll input my first round of clean-ups first, just so everything at least makes sense and is in order for my test readers.

The weather is springy in southern Ontario. I went for a walk on the trail earlier when it was mostly overcast and a little blowy, and just after I arrived at home the sun burst forth and now it's quite beautiful out. I stopped in at a friend's house to feed their cat, and was rewarded with a lovely bottle of Late Harvest Reisling, with which I will celebrate meeting my May 1 deadline for Round One Edits.

I'm missing my boyfriend and my enormous cat Mumford, who are 6000km away in Whitehorse. This is my first attempt at a long-distance relationship and so far it's bearable, but I'd really rather they both be here. The man loves the North, so what can a girl do?

Get back to editing, I guess...but first, the wine.

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