Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What to do when you're not writing

If you're me, which can be a lot of fun when you're not wigging out over something ridiculous, sometimes you get the chance to put on your steampunk on Friday for a Masquerade (fundraiser for a local yoga studio),

act, sing, tell stories, and hang with your theatre peeps on Sunday (fundraiser for local theatre);
Me and Michael backstage
finally surpass the halfway mark on your first round of edits and put in a shift at your retail job on Monday (looking like a normal person with no costume or makeup);

and on Tuesday get everything ready for the upcoming artisan fair where you'll be peddling your gearwork jewelery & art and salvaged leather handbags.
Meanwhile I have Novel Ideas percolating in my overstimulated brain. I want to start writing book two of Captain Millicent and I also have an idea for a dystopian CanPunk novel (I'm trying to make this a thing: CanadaPunk or NorthPunk. I think I can make it happen), but I REALLY want to finish editing CM & Black Pirate. So I'm going to keep ruminating and let the ideas roll around until I give them the attention they deserve.

Exciting news from Whitehorse, my sweetheart is coming home for a week in June! And I'll have the family cottage then while my folks are traveling, so I'm pretty excited about getting out on the water with him for a few days before he flies out again.

Add to the mix my need for a good workout and some time on the trails (really wishing I had a dog right now, this is the best time of year for hiking!), and you've got a good idea of a typical week in the life of Yours Truly.

So on that note, I'm going to hit the trail. In my next blog I hope I'll be announcing my completion of Round One Edits....

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