Thursday, May 15, 2014

Editing progress and feline assistance

So after another round of editing (completely by accident I assure you - it started off innocently with "just a few tweaks before sending it to the readers") I finally took a deep breath and sent the first third of the novel to my readers.
I realize in retrospect that I should have provided a synopsis of the story, or at least the blurb I intend to put on the cover. But I haven't done that yet. Last night as I lay in bed, sunburnt from the cottage and feeling slightly bedraggled, I ran through the cover blurb in my head over and over. I wanted to write something down but I forgot my notebooks (all of them) in other places and couldn't motivate myself to get up to find them. "I'll remember it in the morning". HA! Good one.

Now sitting in my usual chair with my laptop and the cat is helpfully taking up most of the lap part of things. I have extraordinarily long legs so I can accommodate both a mid-size feline and my computer, but it's awkward and sometimes her butt causes the mousepad to act in unpredictable ways.

I've been eager to get out on my paddleboard but the weather is refusing to cooperate. No one with any sense ever suggested standing on the water during a thunderstorm, so my board is strapped to my car, waiting for a sunny break. Typical middle-of-May bipolar weather systems.
Anyway, writing-wise it's time to get on with editing the next section of the book so it will be ready when my readers are finished with the first part. My ideas for Book 2 are percolating merrily. Did a little research about Victorian-era Canada for my CanPunk literature ambitions.
All right. No more procrastinating...

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